Indoor Riding Arena

Lake and Pines Ranch has a 60 x 80 square foot indoor riding arena. The arena is cool and shaded in the summertime. In the winter the arean is 10 – 15 degrees warmer than outside.

Riding Trails

We have around 80 acres of private, maintained riding trails. This amounts to 2 hours of trail riding onsite without the need to cross a road. You can also take the trails west and join the Gateway Trail, which connects to Pine Point Park. Pine Point Park has numerous additional trails.

The trails are maintained, mowed and the trees trimmed and dead falls are removed.

Tack Building

There is a tack building for your saddles and tack.

Horse Access

Horse access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Horse Trailer Parking

Space is available for horse trailer parking.


  • Free worming in the summer months
  • Twice annual vet day

Boarders Potluck

Annual get together in the late afternoon.

  • Burgers, brats, hot dos and buns
  • Brings a dish to share
  • Water provided
  • BYO Beverage

Pasture Boarding

$34500 per horsemonthly

Special Care

$40000 per horsemonthly
  • Hand fed hay and grain. Water.

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